Hubron International is one of the world’s leading suppliers of black masterbatch with over 85% of masterbatch production exported through a world-wide network of distribution partners.

Established in 1934, Hubron has been improving polymers through compounding with carbon black for over 85 years. In 1972, Hubron started manufacturing of carbon black thermoplastic masterbatches.

Since then, the Company has been serving the demands of industries such as film, sheet, pipe, cable and fibre extrusion; moulding, and technical compounding across the world.

The Company focus is one of providing black masterbatch as our core business, with a clear emphasis on the technical input and guidance into correct product selection.

In 2010, Hubron acquired Whitaker Technical Plastics a leader in electrically conductive polymers.

Hubron – where quality is a given.

Hubron ensures that all its business processes are tailored towards customer focus and satisfaction.

At Hubron, we aim to be the very best by following exacting quality standards that enable us to deliver consistent, superior quality masterbatch and delivery service to our customers.

We operate in accordance to applicable national and international standards. We are certified to ISO9001 and ISO14001.