Hubron understands the need to provide high UV performance, efficient production, with cost effective formulations.

Hubron has a specifically select range of masterbatches designed for use in the agricultural and aquaculture industry. Applications include mulch film, silage stretch wrap, greenhouse film, irrigation products, oyster crates, dark sea trays, and aquaculture tanks.

Mulch Film – Hubron offers black masterbatch products that address the key requirements of high opacity, low cost, mechanical strength and defined UV stability coupled with excellent processing characteristics.

Silage Stretch Wrap – Hubron’s black masterbatch silage wrap products address the key requirements of mechanical strength, thin gauge extrusion, high opacity, excellent UV stability and cling performance.

Irrigation – Hubron have products for both pipe and geomembrane applications to address the key requirements of UV stability, mechanical strength and high speed extrusion.

Aquaculture – Hubron has a range of products for use in the demanding environment of Aquaculture offering long term UV resistance, light fastness, food contact and coupled with anti-oxidants to combat the effects of high ozone.