Essential resources such as water and gas rely on pipeline networks made from Polymeric Materials. The flexibility afforded by the product and the ability to provide fusion joints has resulted in development of efficient and effective installation techniques. New products with outstanding physical properties are improving reliability, and reducing wastage has been made possible by resin and additives innovation.

Hubron has been supplying into the polyolefin pressure pipe market since its inception and has a specialist range of masterbatches to suit all resins produced using all major technologies

Typical applications for Hubron’s masterbatches for pipes include Bi and trimodal PE100 pressure pipe for gas and potable water, culvert pipe, sewage pipe, cooling systems, XLPE hot water pipe, thick and thin wall irrigation systems, PVC, ABS and PP pipe

Hubron is a major supplier to the plastics pipe industry and we are proud to actively be an advocate and are dedicated to the advancement of polymer pipe systems.