Hubron has developed a wide range of black masterbatches designed to meet the stringent requirements of thermoplastic and cross-linkable cable compounds.

Hubron grades are widely used in polymer compounds using in low voltage power cables (PVC, XLPE), medium voltage power cables (hdPE, XLPE and EVA) and telecommunication cables (ldPE, lldPE, hdPE, PVC, TPE and PP).

Typical applications where you will find Hubron’s black masterbatch includes power cable insulation, cable sheathing and flexible polymer compounds used in instrumental cables.

Hubron’s conductive compounds are regularly used for their EMI properties and a sheathing layer to prevent electromagnetic resonance.

Wire & Cabling

Wire & Cable Suggested Grades

  • PEB1150
  • PEB3060
  • PVB21
  • PVB31
  • Conductive ESD compounds