Hubron is a world leader in the manufacture of Carbon Black Masterbatches that makes the difference. Helping our customers differentiate their products.

Whether it is UV protection, colour / undertone, shade, tinting or a combination of all, Hubron works with its customers to ensure the best product is used to provide the optimal value of price and performance.

Critical to the performance of Carbon Black in Polymers is its level of dispersion.

Hubron is second to none in ensuring excellent dispersion leading to effective and efficient performance of the Carbon Black in the final compound.

Careful selection of the type of Carbon Black and the Polymer carrier system ensures excellent dilution of the masterbatch into our customers final Polymer compound, making our customers’ lives easier in terms of consistent and stable processing.

We work closely with major carbon black, carbon nano, graphite and graphene producers in developing new and improved Black Masterbatches and conductive compounds.