Graphene in HDPE Blow Molding Study

Graphene has been shown to give excellent mechanical properties when incorporated into Polyolefins. In this project, we took advantage of the excellent tensile strength improvements seen from functionalised Graphene Nano particles (GNP) in a HDPE blow moulding grade. A GNP HDPE masterbatch was developed and scaled up to commercial volumes.

The Challenge

The difficultly when trying to create a GNP masterbatch is achieving correct dispersion and loading to ensure the properties are being fully realised. These difficulties are compounded when the process is scaled up.

With Hubron’s state of the art feeding and processing system, we are able to feed and disperse these extremely low-density materials in order to make full use of their unique properties.

Key Features of Hubron.nano

Strength Enhancement

Due to graphene’s unique morphology, it can have a vast impact on a materials property, even at low loadings. With only 3% GNP loading, Hubron has seen over a 25% uplift in stress at yield and impact properties.

Enhanced UV Performance

Due to GNP’s ability to absorb UV and to scavenge free radicals produced in the UV degradation of polymers, we have seen a significant uplift to UV degradation resistance.

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