Hubron to partner with Color Chemie in France (EN)

We are pleased to announce that with effect from February 1st, 2013, Color Chemie France will act as the Distribution and Commercial Partner for the Hubron (International) Ltd range of black masterbatch in the French market. The move concentrates on strengthening Hubron’s position in France and will focus on making the company’s world-class black masterbatch range more easily available through Color Chemie. Hubron is excited to be able to work with such a focused Business Partner and the partnership arrangement has a significant potential to make both companies more accessible in several key market plastic sectors in France. All product sales will be supported by Hubron’s commercial and technical assistance in the region and both companies look forward to developing a mutually satisfactory and a long term business relationship.

Hubron is one of world’s leading manufacturers of black masterbatch, with ISO 9001 accreditation and a capacity of 35,000 tonnes per annum of which 85% is exported worldwide. Hubron has an extensive range of masterbatches for many applications, details of which can be seen on their website

Color Chemie is a French company specialized since nearly 15 years in the distribution of pigments and dyestuffs for the masterbatches, compounds in plastic market as well as in paint and inks. Color Chemie thanks to their technical approach of the market and proximity to customers is becoming a recognized supplier in the French plastic industry which represents 60% of their annual turnover. The details of the product ranges can be found on the web site