Quality is our key performance objective

We are dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations in terms of quality of product and service.

Hubron is proud of our close relationship with leading polymer producers, compounders and fabricators who have chosen Hubron as their preferred supplier, taking advantage of our technical awareness and extensive knowledge.

Hubron operates state-of-the-art fully automated continuous mixers in its processes, specially configured for optimal mixing and dispersion of carbon particulates in polymer compounds.

Hubron operates a continuous improvement process, using best in practice and operational excellence. Batch to batch consistent product quality. Empowering our employees and optimising our activities.

Hubron’s extrusion compounding lines have underwater pelletizers providing:

  • Regular geometry for volumetric feeders
  • Easier homogenisation of polymer melts, especially important with high throughput extrusion and injection moulding equipment
  • Improved material transfer.