Hubron is dedicated to exceeding our customer expectations in terms of quality of product and service.

Technical Service and Support

  • Hubron constantly strives to offer the best customer service support in the industry.
  • Hubron has continued to develop strong customer relationships through the provision of technical services and support.
  • Application of specialist knowledge and experience to formulate new masterbatches and compounds, upgrade customers existing products, and explore the use of new raw materials.
  • Trouble shooting and root cause analysis.
  • Assisting customers to develop a product portfolio that meets market needs.
  • Co-development projects to find solutions to problems.
  • Access via a well equipped ISO 9001:2008 accredited laboratory.
  • Formal customer specific technical exchange forums – to ensure opportunities and needs identified by customers are rapidly and successfully converted.

Supply Chain

  • Hubron provides reliability, short delivery times and low inventory level options to help improve customers’ profitability and operational performance.
  • Hubron provides global logistics solutions aimed at providing reliability, just in time and controlled inventory for its clients.
  • Hubron offers its products in a wide range of packaging options from bulk through to 25kg bags.
  • Hubron prides itself on the flexibility of its operations and supply chain, which allows it to respond quickly to changing customer requirements.