Hubron & The Graphene Council

Hubron International is a leading supplier of high-performance functional additives and specialty masterbatches to various industries, including plastics, coatings, and rubber. Recently, Hubron International became a member of the Graphene Council in the UK, which is a global community for graphene researchers, manufacturers, and end-users. What is the Graphene Council? The Graphene Council is the […]

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Masterbatch for Monofilament, Multifilament, Spun Yarns: What’s the Difference?

Yarn is a versatile material used in various applications, including textile manufacturing, knitting, and weaving. It is made by spinning fibres together to create a continuous strand. However, not all yarns are created equal. There are different types of yarns available, each with its unique properties and characteristics. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the […]

Why plastic irrigation pipe manufacturer chose Hubron.additive masterbatch?

Technical Expertise Benefit from a dedicated team of experienced technologists, extensive technical development facilities and comprehensive R&D testing available. Bespoke Additive Masterbatch We have the capability to deliver bespoke grades that meet your specific requirements. Solutions Provider We can meet your current product specifications and safeguard your supply chain. After extensive analysis using a series […]

Long Service Award

We understand that one of our greatest assets is our people. That’s why we celebrate their achievements and milestones. Paul Cole, one of our maintenance engineers, recently celebrated 25 years of service at Hubron! As a reward for his service, Paul chose a gold coin. Paul commented on the receipt of his 25-year award: “I […]

Hubron International Appoints Fergus McKendrick as New Managing Director

    Commenting on the appointment, OBG COO, Phil Didlick: “We firstly would like to thank Keith Simms for his service to Hubron International. When OBG acquired Hubron in 2004, the business was in administration and today it is one of the strongest and most consistent performing businesses in the group portfolio. Keith has been […]

Working with Graphene and Joining The Graphene Council

At Hubron, we’ve established ourselves as one of the world’s leading providers of black masterbatch in over 85 years of operation. We’re always looking at ways to move forward, and in recent years we’ve been working closely with graphene producers to develop further uses for the material, i.e. for improved black masterbatches and conductive compounds. […]