Bio-plastics are plastics that are bio-based, biodegradable or both. Their performance is comparable to conventional plastics but offer additional benefits, such as a reduced carbon footprint, better functionalities, additional waste management options, such as composting. Bio-based plastics have the unique advantage over conventional plastics to reduce the dependency on limited fossil resources and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Compostable Masterbatches

Compostable Plastics can be broken down into biomass, carbon dioxide and water at a rate like other organic matter in a composting system. They break down within 180 days in an industrial composting environment.

Common applications for compostable masterbatch

  • Phone cases
  • Food packaging
  • Water bottles
  • Agricultural equipment

Biodegradable Masterbatches

Biodegradable Plastics are broken down by microorganisms into biomass, carbon dioxide and water. This may take longer depending on the disposal environment.

Common applications for biodegradable masterbatch

  • Packaging and bags
  • Houseware and kitchenware
  • Medical supplies
  • Electronics
  • Automotive accessories

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